Rise4EJ recognizes the importance of university-based & health institutions research and/or  projects to grassroots community organizing.  When aligned with community leadership and rooted in environmental justice. Academic partnerships can significantly advance the achievement of environmental justice.

Rise4EJ also recognizes that academic research projects may not be planned, funded nor conducted with community guidance and without a commitment to environmental justice principles.  Rise4EJ acknowledges that absent the community control of research initiatives, the production of knowledge could be harmful to the community and our organizational partners. It also replicates the cultures of colonial mentality, exploitation, and extraction. Rise4EJ fully resists. Rise4EJ  has guidelines to ensure that academic researchers wishing  to partner with us on community-based research projects are accountable to environmental justice leadership and principles, Rise4EJ requests that researchers who are interested in partnering with Rise4EJ reflect upon their training to conduct de-colonial research projects to create  transformative research partnerships.

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