External Requests

Rise4EJ remains committed to the well-being of the people who make up our organization. Part of this means that we set boundaries on an organizational level such that the team is respected, appreciated, and not subject to  externally-determined urgency.

While we appreciate the generous opportunities extended to us by outside affiliates and or partners, we remain best positioned to evaluate whether or not a new opportunity aligns and take into consideration our organizing priorities. Rise4EJ  has several policies in place around external requests.  First, please expect a turn around time of three weeks or more for a response to a new inquiry. Emailing the same request to all of our staff members will not produce a faster internal process on our end. All external requests must be submitted to info@rise4ej.org who will reply with screening questions. For scheduling related to speaking engagements, long meetings, and grant prospects.

In closing, thank you for your respectful communication and support.

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